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Discover today how MAXAM can benefit you too with their extensive range of window films, specialist maintenance, repair and protection products.

Since 1985 we have worked in partnership with a vast range of Public Sector Organisations, Social Housing Groups, Leading Builders Merchants, Major Contractors and other Industries.

We have carefully developed a complete range of recognized, trusted and unique branded products for quickly and easily dealing with the many problems that crop up in building maintenance.

Our brilliant property upkeep solutions are all aimed at stretching budgets, buying time and giving peace of mind.



Here are some bestsellers from the Maxam range:




Rated 5.00 out of 5

Emergency Flat Roof Repair

One of the most innovative and effective flat roof repair products on the market, Seek-n-Seal is a truly unique product, with all the Maxam characteristics: simple to use, unrivalled performance and cost effective.

A unique formulation of microporous natural material which flows with the rain, to the location to where it’s actually coming into the room. As it flows, Seek-n-seal gradually swells up to 15 times its original size effectively sealing off the leak.


Rated 5.00 out of 5



Tarmax is Maxam’s instant and permanent repair product for all types of damaged and eroded pathways and roads to any depth and size of hole.

Tarmax is such a simple product to use, so it can be used almost anywhere – roads, railway platforms, runways, car parks, quaysides, ramps, floors, pathways. Reducing unnecessary traffic congestion as it takes traffic immediately, Tarmax is invaluable in busy areas and repairing a pothole yourself also saves you the high cost of employing an outside contractor.



Rated 5.00 out of 5

Wetseal Roof Repair


Remarkably easy to use, Wetseal is primarily used on leaking roof and gutter areas of all materials, and is also beneficial for preventative maintenance, reinforcing weak areas before leaks occur.

Wetseal has outstanding qualities of adhesion for application to all roof surfaces thanks to a unique blend of bitumens and fluxing oils reinforced with selective fibres.


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